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Scratch Card Printing

We offer a variety of scratch card options to ensure that your scratch card promotion is effective and within budget.

With our custom scratch card printing every card can be a different prize. The artwork can be custom for both sides and will be printed full colour throughout.

All we need to know is what size scratch card you need printing, how many scratch cards in total and how many of each prize you need, we will do the rest.

The advertising standards rules relating to running a scratch card campaign can be found on the CAP website.

To watch our Scratch Card Printing artwork guideline tutorial simply click here 

Getting Started

Simply launch our quote request form " Scratch Card Quote Request " and we will get back to you quickly with the best option for your scratch card printing project.

It is made up of our most popular options. If you don’t see an option you want then please email us.

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When supplying your artwork for print, please ensure you have read the guidelines below and your artwork meets the following specifications:

Watch our Scratch Card Printing artwork guideline tutorial by simply clicking the video link below:

Supplying your artwork files

Once completed, simply provide the following files:
  • 1 Scratch File in 100% black
  • 1 PDF for each prize variation
scratch card print template download

Standard Panel sizes (recommended orders under 1000 pieces)

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Template Instructions For Scratch Cards

Frames in the templates indicate the different areas to follow when creating your files for print. Do not move these as bluepöle can’t be held responsible if the end result is effected by this. Please hide these before supplying your final file.

Blue box: ‘Bleed area’

When an element is meant to run to the edge of the page it should reach this frame edge.

Red frame: ‘Finished size’

This frame defines the dimensions of your card after it has been cut.

Green Frame: ‘Quiet Zone’

This is the inner margin of your document where you should avoid placing text or logos. It is essential to provide an allowance to accommodate for slight tolerances in the finishing process. We recommend a 3mm safety margin.

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